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Elizabeth Bridge RI ROI (1912-1996)

Elizabeth Bridge, RI ROI (1912-1996)

Elizabeth Bridge was an artist of immense versatility and sensitivity. Though prolific, few records of her sixty-year career remain. While her known legacy indicates that she was primarily a realist painter of floral still lives, her landscape paintings retain a strength that belies the delicacy of her floral work and suggests she was a diverse talent. She is remembered for her realist flower paintings immortalised in their reproductions on Valentines of Dundee cards and calendars, yet landscapes were her preferred subject and the paintings that survive are testament to her remarkable contribution.
Elizabeth Bridge was born in Golders Green, Middlesex on 30thJuly 1912 to William and Clara Bridge (née Dewdney), the eldest of four children and the only daughter.  
Her father, William Alfred Bridge was an accomplished cellist and the brother of renowned composer Frank Bridge. Her mother, Clara, was a contralto singer who, prior to her marriage to William, had performed professionally.

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