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John Fulleylove RI (1844-1908)

John Fulleylove, RI (1844-1908)

Working mainly in watercolour, John Fulleylove was a painter and illustrator who specialised in landscapes, and particularly gardens, as settings for impressive architecture, from Hampton Court to Athens.

John Fulleylove was born in Leicester on 18 August 1844, the youngest of five children of the coach builder, John Fulleylove, and his wife, Elizabeth (née Preston), of Yeoman Street. His eldest brother, Thomas, was a coach painter. The family grew up at addresses in the Parish of St Margaret, including 7 Cobden Street, which would remain in its possession.

Educated under the Rev John Highton at Mill Hill School (the forerunner of Leicester Grammar School), Fulleylove was articled at the age of 16 to the local firm of architects, Flint and Shenton. In his free hours, he began to develop a strong interest in Picturesque architecture by sketching from nature, and he gradually focused on painting. He received some instruction from Harry Ward, a drawing master of the school of James Duffield Harding.

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