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The Pendent Years [I]

Eric Fraser (1902-1983)


Watercolour, bodycolour and pencil with pen and ink

The Artist's Family

Preliminary design for Robert Rishworth, The Pendent Years, London: Robert Hale, 1950, Dust Jacket

'Eric Fraser 1902-1983', Chris Beetles Gallery, April-May 2013, No 83;
'A Century of British Art: 1945-2010', Chris Beetles Gallery, 5 October-6 November 2021, No 275

The now forgotten writer, Robert Rishworth (active 1948-1952), published six novels between the years 1948 and 1952, of which the third was The Pendent Years (1950). Information on the dust jacket of the first edition describes it as follows:

Robert Rishworth’s new novel portrays with understanding and trenchant humour not only those who before the war lived upon the sunlit and often sultry fringe of society, but also the purposeful and hard-working people among whom they picked their way.

Edward Clavert, the compelling pivot around which the story revolves, settles near Cannes and gathers round him a number of friends through whom he enjoys a vicarious vitality.

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