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The Fix

Eric Fraser (1902-1983)



Pen and ink with bodycolour

3 x 6 ½ inches

Radio Times, 29 February 1968, for broadcast on Radio 3 on Sunday 3 March 1968, 7.10pm

'The Illustrators. The British Art of Illustration 1870-2021', Chris Beetles Gallery, November 2021-January 2022, No 175

The Fix is a translation and adaptation by David Paul of L’idée fixe, ou deux hommes à la mer (1932) by the French poet and thinker, Paul Valéry (1871-1945). Dedicated to the medical profession of France, it comprises an often humorous imaginary dialogue between an intellectual and a doctor, both of whom embody aspects of Valéry. Many of his favourite themes are contained within it: ‘the relationship of the mind and body, the fugitive ideas that flit in and out of one’s mind and the impossibility of classifying them, the menace of modern life against reason and individuality, eternal form and poetic inspiration’ (a review of L’idée fixe, French News: Theatre and Arts, Spring 1966, page 10). David Paul’s version was first broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on 3 March 1968.

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