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Shaftesbury House, Aldersgate Street

Thomas Hosmer Shepherd (1793-1864)


Dated 'July.26.1830' below mount
Pencil drawing of capital of a column below mount

Monochrome watercolour with pencil

3 ¾ x 5 ¾ inches

'Bliss Was It in That Dawn To Be Alive, 1750-1850', Chris Beetles Gallery, October 2008, No 249

Originally published as an engraving by Jones & Co on 5 March 1831 (engraved by Major Samuel Barenger)

Shaftesbury House, originally known as Thanet House. was built circa1644 by Inigo Jones for the Tuftons, Earls of Thanet. Its ownership then passed to Anthony Ashley Cooper, afterwards first Earl of Shaftesbury, hence its current name. At the beginning of the eighteenth century it returned to the ownership of the Thanet family, and later became an inn and in 1750 it became a Lying-in-Hospital, and then a Dispensary. By 1810 the ground floor was turned into shops, as seen in this drawing.

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