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The Russell Institution, Great Coram Street

Thomas Hosmer Shepherd (1793-1864)


Signed and dated 1827
Inscribed 'Public Baths Great Coram St' and 'Russell Institn/Gt Coram St' on reverse

Monochrome watercolour with pencil

3 ½ x 5 ¾ inches

James Elmes, Metropolitan Improvements; or London in the Nineteenth Century…, London: Jones & Co, 1827-31

Originally Published as an Engraving by Jones & Co on 16 August 1828 (Engraved by James Carter)

'Bliss Was It in That Dawn To Be Alive, 1750-1850',
Chris Beetles Gallery, October 2008, No 255

In 1808 the Russell Institution was founded by private subscription with the aim to create an organisation and building consisting of a library, reading room and a lecture hall dedicated to literature and science. Based on the Royal Institution it was intended to create an assembly hall, north of the new housing built around Bloomsbury Square. It was closed in 1891 and later demolished. It is now the site of the Witley Court flats built in 1932.

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