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Eileen Soper RMS SWLA (1905-1990)

Eileen Soper, RMS SWLA (1905-1990)

The work of George Soper and his daughter Eileen comprises some of the most popular strands of British art in the twentieth century. Father and daughter placed equal emphasis on subjects that have diverted and delighted a large percentage of the population, and presented them directly and precisely. In working extensively as printmakers and illustrators, they ensured wide dissemination of their images through exhibition and publication.

Eileen Soper was born on 26 March 1905. Like her elder sister Eva, she was educated at Olive Downing’s School in Knebworth and Hitchin Girls’ School. Encouraged by her father at an early age, Eileen Soper soon rivalled him in talent and surpassed him in popularity, while neatly complementing his subjects by depicting children at play.

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