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Will Dyson (1880-1938)

Will Dyson (1880-1938)

Will Dyson was born in Ballarat, Australia on 3 September 1880 and educated in Melbourne. A brother of the novelist Edward Dyson, he moved in the circle of the Lindsay family of illustrators, and began his career by contributing drawings to the Sydney Bulletin and the Melbourne Herald. Following their marriage in September 1909, Dyson and Ruby Lindsay migrated to England, and he was soon employed by Lord Northcliffe. The front page of the Daily Herald proved to be a more suitable outlet for his savage work and, between 1912 and 1919, he became its regular political cartoonist. The Herald was considered a Socialist paper with a small readership but a great influence, and Dyson’s work attracted the attention of such writers as Chesterton, Bennett, Shaw and Wells.

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