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Al Hirschfeld (1903-2003)

Albert Hirschfeld (1903-2003)

Al Hirschfeld always hastened past the hoards of fans lining his entrance to the theatre every night. Modest and self-effacing, he seems to have been almost unaware of his enormous following. ‘I consider what I’m doing very important’ he said. ‘The fact that most people don’t doesn’t make any difference to me’.

Hirschfeld had the first and last word on New York theatre for nearly 80 years. Heralding the arrival of virtually every show on Broadway with a caricature each Sunday in
The New York Times, he has as his legacy the longest-standing eyewitness record of the most elusive of art forms. With seemingly few strokes of ink, he captured all that is enthralling about one genre while demonstrating an unmatchable talent in another. His lifelong fascination with line is what makes his work so fresh and distinctive.

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