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Frederick Henry Townsend ARE (1868-1920)

Frederick Henry Linton Jehne Townsend, ARE (1868-1920)

A cartoonist, illustrator and printmaker, F H Townsend is best remembered for his involvement with Punch, both as an artist and its first Art Editor.

F H Townsend was born in London on 26 February 1868. Between 1885 and 1889, he studied at the South London Technical Art School, Kennington Park Road (run by the City & Guilds of London Institute). Fellow students included Arthur Rackham, Leonard Raven-Hill, Charles Ricketts, Reginald Savage and Charles Shannon. In 1887, he contributed to a short-lived magazine entitled Sunlight and illustrated Wilde’s early stories, ‘Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime’ and ‘The Canterville Ghost’, for their original appearances in the Court & Society Review.

Townsend then began working regularly for the
Illustrated London News (1889-99) and drew theatre sketches for the Lady’s Pictorial. He contributed to many further periodicals and also illustrated books, the first of which was S J Duncan’s A Social Departure (1890).

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