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Gabriele Carelli (1820/21-1900)

Gabriele Mariano Nicolai Carelli (1820/21-1900), sometimes known as Gabriel Carelli

To the anglophone public, Gabriele Carelli is the best-known member of a dynasty of Italian landscape painters. First taken up by the Duke of Devonshire, he soon developed a distinguished clientele for his fresh topographical watercolours of Europe and the Middle East. From 1880, Queen Victoria became a great favourite of his work.

Gabriele Carelli was born in Naples, the second son of the painter, Raffaele Carelli (1795-1864), a member of the ‘scuola di Posilippo’. Like his elder brother, Consalvo (1818-1900), he first studied under his father. In 1837, he moved, with Consalvo, to Rome to continue his studies, and remained there for three years.

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