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Alex (Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor)

Chris Beetles Gallery is pleased to now represent the original artwork for the Daily Telegraph's daily Alex strip, by Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor. We launch this new relationship with an extensive selling exhibition of Alex cartoons.

The exhibition will run from 7 - 19 February 2022. Further information about the show will be released on Tuesday 25 January.

For more information about the Alex strip, history, creators, characters and much more, visit the Alex website: https://www.alexcartoon.com/

Russell Taylor
was born in York in 1960. He read Russian at St Anne’s College, Oxford. His first book, co-authored with Marc Polonsky, was “USSR – From an Original Idea by Karl Marx” (Faber 1986) - a humorous guide to the Soviet Union, which earned him what is still the most vituperative review of his career (in Pravda).

Russell met cartoonist Charles Peattie at a Christmas party in 1986 for the magazine Direction on which they both worked.

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