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Henry Matthew Brock RI (1875-1960)

Henry Matthew Brock, RI (1875-1960)

While retaining distinct artistic personalities, the brothers, Charles and Henry Brock, developed a mutually supportive working relationship. As a result, they became leading illustrators of historical subjects, and especially of eighteenth and early nineteenth-century literature.
For many generations, the Brock family farmed an area lying a dozen miles to the south of Cambridge. This tradition was broken by Edmund Brock who, as a reader in medieval and oriental languages for Cambridge University Press, lived in London and later in Cambridge itself. In turn, none of his seven children returned to farming. Of those that embarked on some kind of artistic career, the most successful were the illustrators, Charles and Henry.
Charles Brock was born in Holloway, London, on 5 February 1870.

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